Custom Painting & Design Services

Sugah Acrylics now features custom artwork and graphics to bring your design ideas to life! Whether you are looking for a sweet treat just for you, or looking for a way to brand your business let us know!


The process for custom paintings and graphic designs may take 2-3 weeks complete. All custom request are invoiced via PayPal and require  the balance of the service paid full before work on the painting can begin. If the customer is unsatisfied with the painting, the balance minus $35 deposit will be returned to the customer, and the painting will be placed for sale, by the artist.


Graphic Price: Standard logo: $TBD

Custom Painting Prices:

16"x20"= $185 plus tax and shipping

18"x24"= $210 plus tax and shipping

20"x24" or 22"x28"= $235 plus tax and shipping

24"x36"= $325 plus tax and shipping

36"x48"= Price based on shipping location*

Photos By Monique Cleveland

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