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Sugah Acrylics 


features hand-painted acrylic paintings by Raleigh-based artist Monique Cleveland.


A visual artist, art educator, and designer, Monique Cleveland is a graduate of North Carolina State University and received her Bachelor's Degree of Art & Design in 2010. Later Monique continued her education by attending East Carolina University to earn her K-12 teaching license for visual arts in 2012. Now a full-time elementary art teacher, she has been working on her own collection of acrylic paintings that focus on femininity and form.


Sugah Acrylics' mission is to capture the inner strength of women. In celebrating iconic elements in harmony, this collection is a recreation of the empowered woman.

To learn more about me and my process, check out my featured episode "A fusion in Floral"  on The Design Network Show "Commissioned".



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